Saint Mary's Church

Houghton-on-the-Hill, Norfolk

The Parish Register

Saint Mary the Virgin Houghton-on-the-Hill (4 miles from Swaffham)

The inscription from inside the register reads:

“Here to be born and die, Rich and Poor marks all the history that virtue filled the space between provided by the ends of the beginning, to have been.”

Over the next few months we shall be researching and adding records from the parish register. Please bear with us as this is time consuming. We will do our best to transcribe the register, some of the entries are virtually illegible, those we have left out. On others you may find a '?' This is because we cannot tell one way or another exactly what the letters or numbers are.

Of course you are free to find all relevant information regarding the parish registers and your ancestors yourselves at Norfolk Records Office, County Hall, Norwich.

Please be aware that the spelling of the name you are looking for may be different and change through history. For example: Bligh became Blyth with a change of rector/curate, which in a later entry became Bly.

These links will be live again shortly we are cleaning up the data....


  • 1765-1818
  • 1820-1826
  • 1827-1833


  • 1842-1858
  • 1863-1921


  • 1841-1892
  • 1826-1840

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