Saint Mary's Church

Houghton-on-the-Hill, Norfolk


Being set on the top of a hill in a remote location, Saint Mary’s has a wealth of wildlife.

To name but a few of our regular feathered friends:

  • Blue tits, great tits, Long tailed tits,
  • Sparrow, blackbird, thrush, chaffinch, greenfinch, robin, yellow hammer
  • Skylark, wagtail, woodpecker
  • Barn owl, tawny owl, kestrel
  • Pheasant partridge
  • Crow, rook jackdaw, jay, magpie
  • Wood pigeons, collard doves
  • Lapwing, blackheaded gull, moorhen, mallard duck

Some of our regular four legged friends include:

  • Roe dear, muntjak dear,
  • Fox, weasel, stoat, grey squirrel
  • Badger, hare, rabbit
  • Voles, moles, rats mice, ranny (pygmy shrew)
  • Frog, toad. well as countless insects.

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